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PBS is a form of a public transport, where bicycles are strategically placed in a closely spaced network of stations, and offered for public use.

The location of the bicycles can be tracked and monitored through a control centre.

The system, when integrated with the existing public transport network in a city,allows the use of bicycles for first and last leg journey. The dense network of station encourages short bicycle trips, within a travel time of 5 to 15 minutes.

The system offers a convenient, affordable and environment friendly mode of public transportation.

Residents and Employees can use PBS optimally to run general errands in their respective localities.PBS can work as an excellent option for Employees who want to avoid traffic congestion and inconvenient parking facilities, thereby resulting in saving time,money and environment.
Many Bicycle share systems around the world offer the first 30-40 minutes of usage of their bicycles for free, encouraging the use of cycles for shorter trips. Our PBS project is also based on similar pattern to promote a healthy lifestyle and save the environment.
PBS can in fact be a boon to students from schools and universities for travelling short distances instead of utilizing vehicles or waiting for the Para-transit. This should not only curb the air pollution from fossil fuel but also inculcate the traits of health consciousness in the younger generation.The potential of this user group is amply visible through the multiple college- specific PBS initiatives seen in India.
Utilizing the user friendly App which is in the development stage, riders can check out the availability of a bicycle from a station closest to their origin point and return it to one near their destination point.
PBS can also work as a very feasible budget option for tourists to experience more landmarks in the city at their own convenience and leisure.

 Public Bicycle sharing (PBS) project for municipal corporation in smart cities

 Night patrolling by security personnel

 Internal employee movement

 Fleet for delivery & logistics solutions

 Ideal for school children

 Community cycling in parks and gardens

 Urban Local Body’s new initiative for Public Bicycle Sharing Projects


By our Alliance Partner : Strata Enviro Pvt Ltd

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 Approximately 200,000 people die in India over the years due to Air Pollution

 More than 3 Million People Die to Outdoor Air Pollution.

 Nearly 90% of these deaths occur in low or middle-income countries.

 China is hardest hit country in the world with maximum number of deaths occurring due to Outdoor Air Pollution, second only to India.

 Major fatal diseases like Stroke, lung cancer, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Acute Lower Respiratory Disease can be attributed to Air Pollution.

As part of this project we want to Install Outdoor Air Pollution Controllers for FREE at Public Locations with a Unique Revenue & Sustainability Model. Our Organization is committed to Develop Products which will have major impact in Curbing Outdoor Air Pollution Levels across the Globe. Our Organization Plans to Install 1 Lac Units in India by making the required Investment. These Installation are Currently made at Public & Private Locations by seeking specific Installation Permission at the following locations

Traffic Signals

Traffic Congestion Zones

Bus Stands

Railway Station




Housing Societies


Petrol Pumps


IT Parks and Similar Locations

Strata Out Door Air Pollution Controller Filters Suspended Particular Matter PM 2.5, PM10

  • Dust
  • Odour
  • Petroleum Fumes
  • SMOG

The Our Door Air Purifier has a suction capacity of 2000 Cubic Feet Per Minute. It has an Overall Dimension of

  • Height = 4.5 Feet
  • Diameter = 500 mm.

These Strata Out Door Air Pollution Controller has been very well received and we have already installed at Airports, outdoor areas, society, traffic signals, under bridges etc.


Whatever is OUTSIDE, will surely go INSIDE. It’s not “all in the air”. That’s what the Air tells us!

Air, the best of five basic elements that keeps us alive and yes, kills too! So, what’s the need of hour? Air?

Certainly! But what kind of air? Air that causes 3 million deaths every year? Oh no way!

Then?We need fresh air, clean, fresh and pollution free. That is the promise statement of STRATA ENVIRO. It provides you /will provide you pollution free air through its “Outdoor air pollution controller”. A befitting reply to the dusty, adulterated reply to those hazardous air particles that reach the lungs, the heart and ultimately the life. We will/are providing the wealth for health! Your single penny would freshen up the air! Your coin will coin a new definition of unpolluted air! Your token will take home the pollution free air.


As part of this project we facilitate government local bodies like Municipal Corporations to recycle and reuse solid waste for betterment of the Society & farmers of the nation. The process of converting Solid waste into Fertilizer is as shown below in the diagram. Few of the benefits of this converted solid waste as given below :

– Shredded mixed plastic films make great roads.

– City Compost used along with Chemical Fertilizer

Restores organic carbon + fertility to soils

Retains soil moisture = drought-proofing

Improves crop yields and quality

Reduces cost of farm inputs

Some Key Important Indicators of the Waste that is generated in India

As per Central Pollutions Control Board (CPCB) estimates, around 57 million tonnes per annum of municipal solid waste (MSW) is presently generated in the country.
MSW in India has high moisture content (45%–65%) and calorific value, at 550-3600 kcal/ kg.
Density of waste is 330-560 kg/m3, and the C/N (carbon/nitrogen) ratio is between 25 and 30.
Our wastes have 35-50% inert by weight, much more than in any other developing country!
Estimated that about 10 000 tones per day of plastic wastes are generated in India, which amount to about 9% of the total waste generation.
Country has a rated capacity of processing around 6000 tones per day of mixed waste into compost. However, the efficiency of the compost plants needs to be enhanced for them to become competitive.

A rainbow has no value! No value? Yes.

Unless the Green, the centrally balancing color of VIBGYOR is saved. That’s where the Planet Green Management surface. At Green Planet Management, we deal with the solid waste management. Yes, the “waste” also needs management.

Saving the environment, saving the nature, saving the green to ensure the future.

“Earth is worth “only if green, Just a need coin not umpteen.”

We help /are helping out the GREEN PLANET CORPORATION considering the gravity of the climate crisis, endangered ecology.


We also offer Solar Power/Renewable Energy Consulting, Engineering and Contracting under SET space with extensive experience and expertise in solar/Renewable Energy Industry. Till date we have been associated as Solar Energy consultants for about 150 MW Grid-connected Solar PV projects India.

Our broad array of renewable energy consulting services include project conception,development and implementation, market entry strategies, strategic diversification, due diligence, DPR for setting up Solar Pv projects. Our DPRs are bankable and include detailed specifications that assist in procurement of long-lead items.


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Wardwizard Solutions India Pvt Ltd. is an enterprise in the field of technology and health oriented consumer products. It offers varied yet unique and innovative products that help to live an enhanced and healthier lifestyle in these changing times. The company has multiple outlets of electronic items, wherein they offer thoughtful combinations of different electronic items such as electric bike, home air purifier, car air purifier, hydrogen water bottle any many other at affordable prices. Wardwizard believes in excellence in work, and is paving its way towards success by offering innovation and setting a benchmark for quality.


Multic Technology Sp. z o.o. is a rapidly developing company of the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) industry and manufacturer of advanced multifunction payment terminals.
We design and manufacture:

  • Advanced car park systems including pay stations, entry and exit terminals,
  • Electronic communication modules,
  • Telecommunication systems,
  • Industrial automation systems,
  • Access control systems,
  • Hardware and software solutions custom-made for needs of our clients.